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Pipe Tobacco

At David’s Gifts & Tobacco, we purvey high grade smoking tobaccos that will appeal to a variety of discriminating tastes. We also do custom blending. Your enjoyment of our blends is our reward. Purchase our Blend Tobaccos in 3 ounce, 8 ounce, or 16 ounce bags. Additionally, we offer other great pipe tobacco Tins such as Ashton, Dunhill, Mac Baren, Peterson, Samuel Gawith, W.O. Larsen and many other imported varieties.

Our Blend Selection of Tobaccos includes:

Black Cherry Cavendish

Pure European cherry lends its irresistible enticement to deeply penetrating flavor and aroma that embody our classic Black Cavendish to a phenomenal degree of mildness.

Black Truffle

A combination of Golden Virginia tobaccos blended with mild Danish Dark Cavendish, Oriental and white Tennessee Burley.

Bull’s Eye Flake

A blend of ripe Virginia tobaccos spiced with pure Louisiana Perique combined with a center of Black Cavendish to smooth out the taste.

Bunker Hill

Light bodied board sliced Burley. Easy to smoke and very slow burning.


Blended with just the right proportions of Golden Virginia, Burleys, and Toasted Black Cavendish, this tobacco is a smooth mild smoke.


A blend of fine Virginia tobaccos blended with Mexican Burley and topped with two cuts of sweet Black Cavendish – with Champagne Essence.


A delightful mixture of vanilla and Cavendish with the addition of fine broad cut Burley for lightness.

Dover Court

Our #1 selling blend of Fire-cured Black Cavendish and golden Virginia tobaccos is discretely flavored to produce a very mild smoke.

English Oriental

This classic blend brings together the finest mellow Georgian Virginias, Black Cavendish, Mexican Burleys, and Cyprus Latakia.

French Vanilla

Superior Zimbabwe Flue-cured tobaccos processed in a loose Cavendish format, with twice as much Vanilla flavor added to heighten the aroma and sweeten the taste.

House Blend

A blend of sliced Burley, mellow Cavendish flavored by vanilla which is pressed into the leak and left for several days, and a lightly toasted Cavendish  all to produce a light mild rich taste.


A blend or the finest matured Golden Virginia tobaccos that produce a subtle aromatic fragrance.

Jamaica Rum

Blends developed of flue-cured tobaccos from Zimbabwe and Malawi, sweet processed Black Cavendish, and mild Burley tobaccos gives this tobacco an outstanding taste and evocative aroma.


A blend of fire-cured Cavendish tobaccos, flavored by vanilla which is pressed into the leaf and left pressed for several days produces an extremely mild, slow burning, cool smoke.


A black vanilla Cavendish with an amazing aroma, excellent smoothness and fragrance. It’s a great stand-alone smoke and a wonderful blender.


A lightly toasted Cavendish good for the novice smoker or the smoker who prefers a light sweet taste.

Navy Flake

Very old belt flue-cured Virginia’s spiced with Louisiana Perique.

New England Maple

Expertly blended mixture of Golden Virginias and White Burley topped with a subtle mixture of Buttered New England and Jamaican Rum.

Nutty Hazel

A blend of Burley, Golden Virginia, and Black Cavendish flavored with roasted hazelnut extract.

Olde English

A blend developed from Georgian Virginias, Black Cavendish, Mexican Burleys and Cyprus Latakia.

Peaches and Cream

Flue-cured tobacco from Zimbabwe, Malawi, is blended with sweet Black Cavendish and mild Burley with the essence of pure peach flavor added.

Proper English

This distinctive English/Balkan blend has the most Latakia of any blend we have combined with old belt Virginias and Orientals.

Royal Viking

A great Danish Formula made from four base blends which have been stored and fermented individually before the final hand blending, with the essence of mild Hickory Nuts added.

Seven Leaves

Black Cavendish and Burley blended with top-grade Virginias – (Seven Leaves altogether) create an unsurpassed smoke with a zesty taste and enchanting aroma.

Tropical Blend

A succulent blend of Burley, Virginia, and Black Cavendish laced with essence of Mango.

Vanilla Nut

Blended from superior Golden African Virginias, Burley, and mild Black Cavendish tobaccos produce an excellent taste and aroma.

Very Cherry

A rich mixture of traditional Burleys, Bright Virginias, and Toasted Cavendish laced with a unique “very Cherry” flavor for a smooth aromatic smoke.

Whiskey Barrel

Mild to medium flue-cured Virginias from Zimbabwe and the Carolina’s blended with sweet Black Cavendish and a hint of toasted white Barley generously laced with aged whiskey from the Scottish highlands.

Find the perfect blend at David’s Gifts & Tobacco.

This Product Contains/Produces Chemicals Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer, And Birth Defects Or Other Reproductive Harm.